Read what students, fellow instructors and respected martial artists around the world have to say about Harrow Martial Arts, its training, its facets and its instructors. Unlike many testimonial pages, all ours can be contacted & comfirmed so you can be sure they are true.

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"You can't ask for a better coach. Since meeting Stuart through the IAOMAS, he has demonstrated the best qualities other instructors readily admire: knowledge, clarity, and diplomacy."

Sensi Colin Wee, Chief Instructor, Hikaru Dojo


"I am a Taekwondo and Hapkido instructor in the United States. Stuart Anslow epitomizes the meaning of integrity in the martial arts. He truly loves what he does, is devoted to Taekwondo and has an open mind - which is rare in today's world of martial arts. If you really want to learn, Stuart is certainly someone I would go to for my martial arts training."

Master Instructor Dave Melton, Virginia Martial Arts Academy, Founder, IAOMAS (USA)


"Mr Anslow has been my instructor for four years and through these years I feel I have learnt so much. His lessons are always geared towards gaining the full potential out of each and every one of his students, gaining real enthusiasm from them. He turns ordinary folk into serious martial artists as many aspire to him. One of the many things I admire about Mr Anslow is his willingness to share information, not only about his martial art but he also holds seminars taken by other prominent martial exponents so students can gain a taste for other approaches to fighting, training and defending yourself. Many of these are through the association he created, the IAOMAS.
In terms of his lessons , the quality of training is unsurpassable. My uncle is a fourth dan instructor, and when I moved, this was the only club which I feel is run to mould students into being the best they can be."

Lyndsey Sainsbury, 4th Kup


"When I started Harrow Martial Arts (at Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy) I didn't have much confidence in other areas of my life. But over the past 2 & half years I have learned to be much more assertive. This has also helped me in numerous other areas, such as helping me be more disciplined in my time management. I really started to notice the difference when my grades improved at college. As gradings are set periodically it means that I have a goal to aim for in the short & long term, this again moved into my personal life and meant that I now have a strong sense of direction and focus in whatever I want to do. Like my University degree.Taekwon-do has given me so many things and all it asks for is that I continue to train hard every time and never give up in the things that I start at. For this I would recommend anyone start as the rewards are endless."

Justin Goh, 3rd Kup


"My name is Tim Posynick I am the head instructor for the North Valley Martial Arts Academy of Jung Shin Do in Enderby, British Columbia Canada. I met Mr. Anslow by dropping in on his web site and taking a look around. I liked very much what I saw and read as far as Mr. Anslow's personal background in the martial arts, his philosophy of training and his perspective on day to day happenings. After a few guestbook signings Mr. Anslow and I began conversing on the e-mail lines. I am happy to say that at that moment I found not only a kinship in our interests as martial artists but also a general feeling of comfort and true friendship, with someone that not only have I never met face to face but also happens to live thousands of miles away from me. This may sound trivial to the average person but for me it was monumental. I am the type of person that chooses friends very carefully and takes my sweet time about doing it. After my getting to know Mr. Anslow over the e-mail conversations I can say that I am extremely fortunate to have met him (so to speak) and consider my life enhanced and very happy to have him and his family as a part of it.
Upon Mr. Anslows offer to become involved in the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools, I took a step back and decided to do some soul searching of my own to try to understand how it is that I am so lucky to have developed such a confidence and friendship with this gentleman that he would just open-heartedly offer me this opportunity. Then I realized that it is within Mr. Anslow's generous nature and extremely open heart that I have found a very true friend and confidant.
It is with great pleasure, pride, joy, sincerest respect, and great humility that I give my soul-filled endorsement and support to my friend, college, and new mentor Mr. Stuart Anslow.
Best wishes and great success sir, I am here when ever you need me."

Regards and Respect
Tim Posynick
North Valley Martial Arts Academy of Jung Shin Do - head instructor
IAOMAS Canada - Volunteer moderator and proud to say friend of Stuart Anslow


"As a Taekwon-do man my ideas and Stuart's have not always completely the same
and they have led to some interesting conversations. However our communications are not soley limited to martial arts only, we have communicated on a personal level about life and its many beautifull and ugly sides. I can therefore say that I find Stuart to be a beautifull human being, he genuinely seems to learn from every event in his life and more and more show his inner self and emotions to people he cares about. Stu, I love you brother. "

Oli Van Overbeek, Instructor, Southern Wing Chun


"I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal and professional feelings about the International Alliance of Martial Arts School. At first I didn't know what to expect when I found the website. However, in principle I agrees with it philosophy of the Martial Arts. So, I joined. Now that I have been a member I have had the opportunity to personally speak to the US Representative Dave Melton and to Stuart Anslow the Founder of the IAOMAS. I have come to know many different facits of this people. The knowledge possed by members of the IAOMAS such as Stuart, Dave, Glenn, Colin, Alex, Oli, Andy and Tim P. is extraordinary. Their insights have help me with various issues in the arts. They have all had a part in furthering my edification in the arts. Even though I have been in the Martial Arts for over 30 years it is refreshing to know such artist still exist in my time. So many people in the arts are more worried about promotions and trophies then they are about knowledge. Therefore, I raise my glass and toast the IAOMAS for it's existence, and for the martial artist of the future. May we all learn and prosper together. Knowledge is power. God Bless"

Tim White, 7th Dan, Molum Combat Arts & Police Services International
Director, Molum Combat Arts Honor Society


Tae Kwon Do is a very effective Korean martial art that is only around 50 years old. It is a practical martial art that proved itself during the Vietnam war in the ?0s and the ?0s. As the result of the effectiveness in the war, this pure TKD has been incorporated as special forces training in the military around the world after the Vietnam war.

There are four main components of pure TKD. Basic techniques, forms, sparring(one, two, three step, semi-free, and free), and self-defense. As commercialism arose in TKD for the point sparring(sport TKD), only kicking became the rage and emphasis in training in most schools. Techniques that did not involve kicks were de-emphasized. From the late ?0s on, techniques that did not involve kicking slowly disappeared from most TKD schools around the world. Black belt instructors and senior students from this time frame could not and did not match the quality of skills of the best TKD instructors of the ?0s.

Mr. Stuart Anslow comes from the lineage of best TKD Grandmasters of the ?0s. . He is a very highly skilled and capable instructor, Mr. Anslow teaches all the components of PURE TKD as it was meant to be: The basics, forms(now called tuls), sparring, and self-defense. He also teaches the other practical aspects of TKD(falls, throw, joint locks, manipulation, pressure points, and power generation) that has been lost or de-emphasized in modern sport TKD. Moreover, Mr. Anslow teaches additional techniques from his experience in judo, jujitsu, and wing chun kung fu, and boxing which complements TKD very well. This makes his style of TKD a very versatile martial art.

Go observe his class, his students, and how his students fare in competitions. Go check out other schools as well. You will find that it is rare to find an instructor like Mr. Anslow. I might also add, if there are 5,000 students who start out as white belts in TKD, only one or two will make it to a 3rd degree. Mr. Anslow beat the odds and made it. If you came under him as a student, you will receive one of the finest instructions in pure TKD, applicable throughout your life.

Yi Yun Wook, native Korean TKD instructor based in America training since the late 70s to present



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Dave Melton
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Justin Goh
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